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According to the needs of choose and buy, the fitness equipment(Hits:) 
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         According to the needs of choose and buy, the fitness equipment about fitness equipment according to the function can be divided into running machine, a strength training, implement, weights machines and fitness massage and so on many kinds of equipment. In the gym equipment mainly includes all kinds of running machine series, power equipment, various competitions such as car.

         The treadmill: running machine is the most effective aerobic exercise trainers, suitable for all kinds of personnel, has mechanical running machines and electric treadmill. Older personnel can choose mechanical type running machine, it is a kind of active way of running, running the speed of their own hands, users may, in light of its status of walking, jogging or run. Young people can choose electric running machine, it is a kind of passive running way, according to their own physical first set running speed, forced the training according to the speed running.

        Power fitness equipment: this is the most common in the gym equipment, many varieties, including weight lifting frame, push-ups frame, sit-ups frame, drop-down training device, and training device, comprehensive training equipment, etc, the larger the gym general configuration dozens of series equipment, targeted exercise part of muscle strength, fitness person can according to their own will practice the parts of the selection of the corresponding equipment.

        All kinds of race car class: including cycling, walking machine, mark time machine and so on, it in aerobic exercise of in the meantime also can make the cardiovascular system gets taking exercise. It compared the trainers, not easy the creation of other traditional fatigue, suitable for all kinds of people.

       According to preliminary statistics, China's current fitness equipment production enterprise condition can be classified as three types: 1. The production process behind, technical force is weak individual or private small businesses. This kind of plant although number not much, but their old equipment, process original, pipe bending still use manual operation, no carbon dioxide welding machine, causes the product welds rough, intensity decreased, for standard can't understand and implement, the product structure is unreasonable, its products in more safety factor there. 2. Have certain technical force, but detection means lack of collective or joint-stock enterprise. This kind of enterprise have dozens of, the quality of their products, while also have improved, but limited because of the money, often is the first purchase production equipment production organization, only depending on the experienced technical personnel and workers to control by experience, wait for after making money purchase inspection instruments and equipment gradually, the product quality and the request of the consumer, there is a certain gap between. 3. Individual proprietorship, joint venture and large joint-stock enterprise. They abundant funds, quality consciousness is strong, the product quality management standard, the worker is generally high quality, speed up the equipment the renewal and transformation, mostly through the GB/T19000-ISO9000 quality system authentication, it products for the domestic famous brand.

        We suggest: should be to large stores to buy large and medium-sized enterprise production of brand awareness higher products; According to his fitness requirements should be, to choose a need of exercise equipment; Before purchasing, under the guidance of the salesman can have a try and see whether the function and a product is labeled consistently; Studying the metal parts whether there is burr or acute Angle, burr or acute Angle products in use is easy hurt; Before using, must read product manual carefully.
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