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Fitness equipment has what function(Hits:) 
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         Fitness equipment is used to improve the physical quality, increase the body function, to carry on physique movement exercise, sports basic training and general rehabilitation exercise of special equipment, according to the function can be roughly divided into running machine, a strength training, implement, weights machines and fitness massage and so on many kinds of equipment.

        The treadmill: running machine is the most effective aerobic exercise trainers, suitable for all kinds of personnel, has mechanical running machines and electric treadmill. Mechanical treadmill was an early generation of treadmill, along with the upgrading of the treadmill, now already basic faded out from the market. Electric running machine is instead of mechanical treadmill of a new generation of running machine, it is a kind of active and passive combination of running way. Training can be set according to their own physical first running speed, forced the training according to the speed running. Note: if you do not understand their own situation, first from the smaller speed began, in the course of running, and then to adjust.
        Power fitness equipment: this is the most common in the gym equipment, many varieties, including weight lifting frame, push-ups frame, sit-ups frame, drop-down training device, and training device, comprehensive training equipment, etc, the larger the gym general configuration dozens of series equipment, targeted exercise part of muscle strength, fitness person can according to their own will practice the parts of the selection of the corresponding equipment.
        All kinds of a kind: including a, walking machine, mark time machine and so on, it in aerobic exercise of in the meantime also can make the cardiovascular system gets taking exercise. It compared the trainers, not easy the creation of other traditional fatigue, suitable for all kinds of people.
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